About The Company

SUNFAME CERAMIC is situated at Morbi in Gujarat state. The company is established in 2011. The company has established and maintained an efficient quality management system compile to international standards. The entire management system of the company concerns itself with way and means to realize predetermined results and with intelligent use of people where efforts must be properly motivated and guided. The company has leveraged its position in the market by winning customer trust through continues improvement of product and technology.

The company is manufacturing ceramic wall tiles of different sizes and company has increased its production capacity up to 12,000 sq. meters of tiles per day. The company has started its journey in Millennium Year and has almost tripled its production in just five years with latest technology and understanding the market scenario of the ceramic industries.

SUNFAME CERAMIC understands the social responsibility and believes to have pollution free environment and cleanliness in the entire world. So, it has floated the slogan:

"Clean India Green India, Clean India Clean World"

By providing tiles to contribute in it, cleanliness is must. The company is making efforts and marching ahead to the goal. Apart from materialistic cleanliness, the company believes that a mind of person should also clean that is only possible by art. The company provides artistic designs and excellent colors to their tiles which impart as beauty in their mind and makes people pleasure.

SUNFAME CERAMIC has adopted that technologies mainly from Italy, has thrown open to consumers a wide range of designs and materials to choose from for decorating their places.

Vision of The Company

Today, the era of new generation wants drastic changes to convert the traditional art into the modern glint. They want to turn bathrooms into glamour rooms, walls into architecture calligraphy, and bed rooms into the reflection of expressions and attitudes and halls and kitchen into Jeweler of roofs. Ceramic Tiles is the medium that has turned out these illusions into the reality.

The founder of the company, Mr. Kirti Patel is conscious of the fact that building a quality product or service and building a quality perception are two different things and says "We are giving artistic designs and excellent colors to our tiles which impart as beauty in our mind and makes a person pleasure and the pleasure is an ultimate tool to clean mind."